Up Front Skiing

Socializing with Colleagues

The wind hits your face as you are gliding at who knows how many miles an hour. You feel that you are flying as you pass others on their way to the bottom. You are in the zone, a place you only can be when the conditions are right. The snow is soft and light with no icy patches. The moguls are big enough to enjoy but not particularly steep today. You forge a path right through them without catching an edge. As you approach your ski lift destination, you slow down a bit and make a huge carved stop in front of all the spectators in line. Wow! You are invigorated and alive. Nothing beats skiing from late fall through early spring. Each experience is unique. People say this about other sports like basketball, but I am skeptical that it even approaches the same high.

Denver dwellers like me can be found on their way to Vail or Aspen for special occasions, and closer venues for a quick day outdoors. Some of my coworkers prefer a pickup game of basketball while I am wending my way up to the summit. They talk all the time about how much fun they have, especially during tournaments. I listen politely and refrain from comments.

I want to socialize and be a good sport, even if my heart is on the slopes racing against time on the slalom course. I had to pay attention when they asked me to find some knee sleeves online to help them save precious time for practice. Of course, I agreed. Who doesn’t love a bit of Internet research? It is even more fun when you can buy. A quick search later and I was reading Baller’s Guide and then buying the knee sleeves for the whole team. I hope this helps me bond with others and make new friends at work. Having colleagues in your fold is incomparable. The basketball gang likes to have picnics and parties to celebrate success, and these good times are well known for good food and the best beer. The team likes to be outside as much as I do although I have more options with a winter sport. I am game to help out and hope I find just what they need.

Basketball sleeves are plentiful and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for different joints of the body. They are great for protection and support, helping to minimize injury. The elbow sleeve seems to be the popular choice. Non-players like to wear them for minor pain, sprains and general instabilities. If you have arthritis, tendinitis, or bursitis, it is a familiar device. By means of compression, the basketball player gets soft-tissue support. Some fancy models come with therapeutic heat for after the game. I hope I buy the right kind!