Up Front Skiing

Housewarming Hacks

My absolute favorite thing is to strap on some skis and hop on a lift for a day out on the trails. Because I live in Denver, I get to hit the slopes as much as I want. In this ski capital of the west, it is a way of life. It’s exciting, it’s great exercise, and you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I’m always either skiing or talking about skiing. Needless to say, I love the snow.

You wouldn’t be a died-in-the-wool skier if you didn’t enjoy cold weather and snow-capped mountain views. I prefer the depths of winter when the snow is fresh and soft. Deep powder sends me into a state of bliss. I love how it covers the steeper and icier moguls that appear like white menaces in the spring to taunt the snow bunny tourists. Late in the season, the snow is slushy and heavy with patches of dangerous ice where you expect them the least. So, let me be clear. I like the cold. If there is a blizzard or too much wind, I will revise this statement. Just let me ride up the gondola.

With this intro to today’s blog, I am about to compare the cold indoors and out. I have established the positive value of the latter. However, when it is practically a refrigerator inside, I am less than happy.  If this happens to you, whether you are in a ski lodge or at home, here are some quick warm up tips.

  1. Turn off your ceiling fan. It is there for the summer and early fall. It may circulate stale winter air, but it also creates an unwanted breeze. Depending on your Ceiling Fan Choice, you may have a winter switch that helps circulate warm air – in that case, you can leave the fan on. Otherwise, let’s keep the cool breeze for outside.
  2. When I look for a warm ski resort, I always ask if they have thermal curtains or drapes. I know that they care about the temperature of the room. I appreciate when the heat is already on when I arrive. I like it pleasant but not too toasty.
  3. If they mention a “smart” LED thermometer (that operates on infrared sensors), I am ready to book my stay. It should display illuminated measurements and have a color-coded indicator for quick reading.
  4. Last but not least, I expect a down comforter and extra blankets in the closet. It makes a room cozy and you feel warmer than you actually are.
  5. I want a lodge that has an emergency generator in case the power goes out. I am not up to sleeping by the lobby fireplace. Yes, this has happened to me so it is on my list.

With these hacks, you can keep your home warm when the temperature drops. They are particularly useful in evaluating vacation hotels and inns. I hope I have been helpful today. Stay tuned for more paeans to skiing and special tips and tricks to make the sport more enjoyable. I will also touch on funs ways to enjoy après-ski time.