Up Front Skiing

Post Ski Ritual

There is so much to do on a ski trip, especially when I go with my friends. There’s the day spent on the slopes, skiing and enjoying the snow and the speed and all of the fun that skiing can bring. Afterwards, I like to do certain things.

The first thing I do is change. It’s nice to get out of those stiff boots and layers of clothing. I typically bring something soft and warm to change into. I also put some lotion on my face and use some lip balm. Then I feel a little more human.

My next mission is to warm up. Usually I grab a hot chocolate. After a full day of activity, you don’t realize just how cold you actually are! A warm beverage in front of a nice fire or a window with a gorgeous view of the mountain I’ve just been on helps, too. I can thaw out, relax, and just feel that endorphin high from a great workout. Sitting down also feels pretty good at that point. If my friends are around, I’ll sit with them and we’ll chat. Otherwise, I’ll flip through a magazine or stream a tv show on my phone for a little while. Just something else to do to relax, you know?

Once I’ve warmed up, I usually round up my friends (if they’re with me) or my family (I with my sister and/or my parents sometimes. I know, right?) and see if anybody is up for some serious snacking. I may have mentioned this before, but skiing is pretty good exercise, and just being out in the cold makes me soo hungry. Whether we grab something at the resort or head towards home and somewhere less pricey to eat, food is always the next thing on my list!

After that I I am usually done for a bit. The combination of cold weather, exercise, food coma, and my adrenaline wearing down is the perfect recipe for a good snooze. If we’re staying somewhere, I’ll head to the room and take a much-deserved nap. If someone else drove, I usually zonk out in the car on the way home. Pretty much anybody who knows me knows that I am useless on the way home and rarely ask me to do the driving! But I’ll tell you, I sleep better during this post-ski nap than I do at any other time. It’s amazing. It’s not usually for too long, because the next part of my post-ski ritual is the best part.

Once I’m awake again, it’s time for some FUN! I’ll meet up with some friends (this is when it is good to be away on a trip. Everyone is already together) and head out for a few beers and a good time. Whoohoo après ski! It can get pretty crazy, and is another reason why I take those naps! Another great thing if I’m staying at a resort is that I get to wake up and do it all over again the next day!