Up Front Skiing

Fun for the Whole Family

I got into skiing when I was very little. My parents are big skiers, and I know it was exciting for them when we were all old enough to strap on a pair of skis and share in their favorite hobby. It was a nice thing that we did together as a family. Other families get excited over opening day for their favorite sports team. At my house, it was the day we got our season passes to the resort for the winter.

They say if you want your kids to learn to ski, at least wait until they are around five or six years old. That may seem like a random age, but there is some logic – that is the age most kids start school. They are more capable of understanding safety directions and are better coordinated so that they can handle themselves on easy, green hills.

I don’t remember when my parents started with me and my siblings. I’m the last of three, so my brother and sister already knew how by the time I learned. My parents would have us all in lessons early in the season when we were small. I remember watching my parents wave goodbye as they went out on the slopes together and the three of us would be stuck in lessons. Once my siblings progressed enough, they’d laugh at me as they waved goodbye and walked next to our parents to a better slope.

It made me so jealous!

Now, of course, I am actually grateful for those lessons. I use things I learned there every time I strap on my skis. I certainly learned a lot and I am able to really enjoy my time out on the slopes. I don’t think I ever would have had the confidence to continue if my parents had not kept encouraging me to learn. It shaped my views on the sport and helped me stay confident, even after every fall and mishap I managed to find myself in.  And there were a lot of falls, spills, and mishaps along the way.

My parents still ski together, which I think is downright adorable. My older brother moved to snowboarding and never looked back. My sister does a little of both but prefers skiing, same as me. Her husband didn’t ski when they first started dating (he’s from Louisiana, and we try not to hold that against him. He just didn’t know any better), and now he is out there loving it as much as we do.

I think that skiing is a great thing to bring the whole family together, especially if you all start at the same time. It’s a good bonding experience, it creates lasting memories, and best of all – it is physical activity. It is so much better than sitting around together doing nothing but staring at personal devices. Some of my best childhood memories are out on the slopes with my brother and sister, or with my parents, or all of us together. I definitely recommend it!