Up Front Skiing

New Ski Club Buddies

Lately I have been looking to find other people who like to ski. First of all, they don’t get bored talking about skiing, like the people I know aren’t interested in the sport. Second, they often have tips on good trails to hit, gear to get, techniques to try, and other little bits of info. Lastly, they are basically just my type of people.

So, after debating for a while, I decided to join a ski club. I never have before but I realized it has been harder to make friends as an adult than I would have liked. I’ve got my old friends from my school days and people from work, but nobody new and interesting, you know? I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, because I am usually shy around new people, but this was different. I guess because we had a giant hobby in common, it was easy to meet people and have something immediately available to talk about. And then there’s the perks!

The great thing about some ski clubs is that they have a ‘home resort.’ In other words, there’s a specific location that either offers discounts to ski club members, or even better: is exclusive to members, either at specific times/days of the week, or are private trails just for members. I mean, how great is that? Having somewhere to meet up AND ski with great people was reason enough for me to join!

I have met some really fun people. There’s a group of about three others that are my age and have been skiing for roughly the same amount of time. It is a good mix of people, too – two guys and one other girl. They like a variety of activities, which is fun. Alpine skiing, slaloms, moguls. That means there’s always somebody up for doing something different. It’s great to have friends (as opposed to just people I am related to) to hop on a lift with whenever there’s some fresh powder.

We’ve had a few meetups since I joined the ski club and it has been going super well. I really feel like I fit in with them. Tomorrow, we are hitting the slopes to see who gets the best time down a trail. Whoever comes in last has to buy everyone dinner, and the winner doesn’t have designated driver duty for two weeks! I certainly hope I win, but no matter what place I come in, it should be super fun.

So I guess if you’re wondering if it is worth it to join a ski club, I will tell you to ask yourself three questions: 1) do you really enjoy skiing? And 2) Are you looking to meet new people 3) are you looking to have better access to trails? If the answer to at least two of these questions are yes, then you should seriously consider joining a ski club as well.